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A new hero or two is critical to the immediate future and success of West Indian red ball cricket, says KEN PIESSE. <p> There has always been something magnetic and magical about West Indian cricket.<p> When Bobby Simpson’s Australians toured the Caribbean in 1965, my parents moved my bed into...

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KEN PIESSE BOOK REVIEW: SON OF GRACE, Frank Worrell, a biography, Vaneisa Baklsh (published by Fairfield Books, UK, 328 pages, $65 posted from

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Enjoyed a New Year’s catchup with Sam Edmond (pictured) and Kane Cornes at SEN in Melbourne this morning talking about West Indies cricket, the upcoming Test match and my P & O sports presentations on the Pacific Explorer. Great fun. Sam and Kane great talents.

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Santa’s Christmas gift

The extra bounce found downunder has unnerved even the most distinguished Asian batsmen for decades and the hapless Pakistanis have lost their 16th Test in a row on Australian soil. KEN PIESSE reports

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Stuart Broad’s new book

Newly arrived, this is a quality 316-page hardback with a dustjacket. Stuart Broad is the ultimate competitor – someone addicted to the pressures of Test cricket, the big occasions and being thrust into the heat of battle.

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